What is FSC code?

  • FSC(Freischaltcode) is 20 digital activation code released by BMW
  • Each code is specially based on your VIN# for each single car
  • Code can not use with multiple cars




What You Need for Map Data Update?

You need 3 things to update your maps data:

  1. FAT32 Format USB drive (FAT32Formatter)
  2. Maps Data
  3. FSC Code


What Info We Need From You?2

  • We only need your Last 7 Digital VIN#
  • Please provide your VIN# in Order Note 
  • Otherwise I need retrofitted system VIN# If your navigation system is replacement unit





All of Compatible Systems:

  • CIC – MOTION, MOVE, PREMIUM (2008-2012)
  • NBT – NEXT (2012-Now)
  • NBT2 – EVO (21016-Future)


CIC System Layout:


NBT System Layout:

MINI iDrive Layout:

BMW & MINI Navigation Maps Data Update Activation FSC Code

Code will send to your email within 1-24hours

Bulk orders: please email me for a discount

Any Questions? bmwfsc.canada@gmail.com