Map-Update Process for NEXT / PREMIUM / MOTION / MOVE / ROUTE


Now, I suppose you got everything you need already, include:

  1. FAT32 Format USB drive (FAT32Formatter)
  2. Maps Data
  3. FSC Code

So, let’s get start!


First of all, let’s prepare map data on USB drive.

  1. Format USB drive to “FAT32” (Other formats won’t work), FAT32 ONLY
  2. Unzip downloaded map data zip file then direct copy & paste all of the data files to the root of FAT32 formatted USB drive


2nd, plug map data USB drive into slot.

  • For CIC system, the USB slot is located in Passenger side glovebox



  • For NBT system, the USB slot is located in Center console gearbox



Final step, update map data.

  • Turn-On engine. Otherwise Shut-Off engine for saving some fuel, but you have to stay in your car to keep electron Power-On all the time during map update
  • Once maps data USB drive plugged in, the navigation system will request activation code,  enter it then click OK
  • After entered the correct activation code, map update will start from 0% to 100% (40-50mins)
  • Finally, click OK to reboot your system
  • Congratulations!! The whole update process is totally completed! Now, you have the latest version map data on your system!



  • If your vehicle was built before 09/2009, go with the DVD update to load maps data because of firmware does not support USB update.
  • If your vehicle was built between 09/2009 to 03/2010, you need a firmware update due to a bug in system firmware.
  • If your vehicle was built after 03/2010 or system firmware updated after 03/2010, the USB option is highly recommended. 

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CIC System Map Update Before & After

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